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Mother made is an ode to nature departing from synthetic ingredients to rediscover and nourish oneself naturally with the gift that is medicinal mushrooms, bestowed...
Mother Made mushrooms product range

Mother made is an ode to nature departing from synthetic ingredients to rediscover and nourish oneself naturally with the gift that is medicinal mushrooms, bestowed on us by mother earth and used for centuries to support health and wellbeing due to the powerful adaptogens they hold within them the humble mushroom is a true wellness hero ingredient. 

It's not news that we all live in modern fast-paced world where stress and environmental factors can take a toll on our health and well-being. Mother Made is a natural health and wellness supplement brand that embodies the ethos of naturally nourishing one's best health in a way that is intentional and bioavailable to the body, offering products that harness the power of nature, specifically adaptogenic roots and mushrooms to holistically support whole body health and well-being. 

Functional fungi for health and wellbeing

Functional fungi have a plethora of therapeutic benefits these mushrooms which are classified as adaptogens, help the body adapt to stress, support the immune system, increase mental focus and clarity, promote skin, and gut health, and support a healthy libido just to name a few of their benefits. Mother made aims to deliver the highest quality medicinal mushrooms that are simple to use and easy to incorporate into your daily life. With powders and capsules made from the fruiting bodies of 100% organic mushrooms free of all synthetic additives and fillers.

Health benefits of Mother Made mushrooms

Mushrooms have long been used and revered in traditional medical for centuries, from traditional Chinese medicine, ayurveda medicinal practices and the more modern holistic approaches used alongside modern medicine today. The healing properties for medical mushrooms have been known to directly influence and improve cell function and regeneration. Harnessing their power to improve the health and function of the brain, improve energy, sleep function and quality while simultaneously improving how we physically and mentally adapt to stress and anxiety. Each Mother Made product harness different mushrooms and adaptogens allowing you to conveniently enhance your performance and wellbeing with ease.

The Mother Made family of Mushrooms

  • Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) is abundant in β-glucan polysaccharides, sterol, terpenoids, antioxidants and many other bioactive compounds that work hard to neutralize free radical damage within the body. Chaga can be found in the Mother Made AM mushroom powder blend.
 Mother Made AM mushroom powder blend in  100g and 250g pack
  • Cordyceps (Cordyceps Sinensis) supports energy, recovery, libido and physical performance with its many bioactive compounds such as β-glucan polysaccharides, nucleosides, sterols, proteins, amino acids, and polypeptides. You will find Cordyceps in the Mother Made Energy capsules and, in the AM mushroom powder blend.
Mother Made Energy Cordyceps Capsules
  • Loins Mane (Hericium Erinaceus) contains seven bioactive compounds including β-glucan polysaccharides, terpenoids, and diterpenoids which support brain health and nervous system function to naturally improve cognitive function and boost digestive health. Lions Mane can be found in the AM mushroom powder blend and in the Brain capsules.
Mother Made Brain Capsules Lions Mane
  • Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) with its unique blend of β-glucan polysaccharides, peptidoglycans, and triterpenes Reshi has been harnessed for centuries to aid in combating and reducing the effects of stress. Reishi has profound calming abilities that naturally and effectively reducing stress, anxiety while supporting and promoting deep restful sleep. You can experience the natural benefits for youself in the PM mushroom powder or the Relax capsules.
Mother Made Relax Reshi Capsules
  • Shitake (Lentinus edodes) is a wonderful source of eritadenine,  antioxidants and kojic acid which have been showing to have a positive effect on lowering cholesterol levels and support heart health Shitake is a featured component of the PM mushroom powder.
Mother Made PM mushroom powder blend 100g and 250g pack
  • Turkeys tail ( Trametes versicolor or Coriolus versicolor) with its wide variety of bioactive compounds such as antioxidants, triterpenes, sterols, phenols, flavonoids,  β-glucans polysaccharides - PSK and PSP. These compounds work to naturally boost and support healthy immune function and support digestive health with its high prebiotic fiber content. Find Turkeys tail in the PM mushroom powder


How to use Mother Made mushrooms 

The more we can adapt to life's challenges, the more ease we and grace we call allow ourselves on a daily basis. Mother Made understands the importance of these mushrooms and values conscious consumption by offering a variety of 100% natural wellness supplements made for sustainably organically farmed mushrooms. Mother Made go to great lengths to ensure that their products are not only good for you but also for the planet. With conveniently packaged powders and capsules for those who may not enjoy the taste of mushroom powders. 


To use the mushroom powder blends

 The AM and PM mushroom powders are easy to use and incorporate into your favorite beverages and meals as you can mix in a teaspoon into sweet or savory dishes and hot or cold beverages. The AM blend includes Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga, perfect for supporting brain function, immunity, and reducing inflammation. The PM blend features Reishi, Shiitake, and Turkey's Tail, ideal for relaxation and overall wellness.

The powders have a coffee like richness with a hint of umami flavor making it ideal to add a teaspoon full and dissolve into black tea, coffee, dandelion tea, drinks and treats chocolate, smoothies. Ideal to use in baking, raw treats and Savoury meals such as bolognaise or stews and chai pudding the possibilities are endless.

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To use the capsules

Capsules make taking your daily dose of mushrooms simple whether its for energy (Cordyceps), brain support (Lion's Mane), and relaxation (Reishi), catering to specific needs throughout the day. Take 1-2 capsule per day, be sure you take Energy capsules during the morning and day and the Relax capsules take during high stress moments the evening when you're getting ready to rest.


Mother Made founders Jessica Clarke and Emily Blanchett 


"Mother Made an ode to the departure from man-made, to products from Mother earth".

How Mother Made came to be 

Mother Made's journey began with a desire to move away from man-made products and towards natural alternatives. Founded by the two beauties above Emily Blanchett and Jessica Clarke after spending at home in NZ during isolation. As they reflected on what truly matters for wellness and the environment during this time when the world stood still, and nature had time to breath in the silence. They recognized the incredible benefits of mushrooms that have been utilized by various cultures for centuries.

The purpose of Mother Made is to shine a light on the marvels of mushrooms by delivering high-quality 100% natural and organic mushroom extracts free of all fillers and additives. This commitment to quality and sustainability is evident in every aspect of their brand, from the sourcing of mushrooms and 100% vegan capsule cases used for the Brain, Energy and Relax capsules to their eco-friend packaging which is made from recycled cardboard. 

By choosing Mother Made mushrooms not only are you choosing products that are good for your health, but you are also choosing to support a NZ made brand that is thoughtfully created and cares deeply about the environment. Whether you're looking to boost your immune system, improve your cognitive function, or simply relax and unwind, consider incorporating functional fungi in the way of  Mother Made medicinal mushrooms and natural adaptogens into your daily routine. After all, as Mother Made reminds us, the best remedies often come from Mother Earth herself.

Explore and shop Mother Made natural mushrooms and adaptogens

  • Mother Made PM: For naturally healthy skin, hair, nails gut and to support rest and relaxation.
  • Brain Capsules: Natural support for mental clarity and focus, brain and nervosa system function and anti-inflammatory and antioxidants to fight free radical damage.
  • Energy Capsules: Increases VO2 max, enhances libido, stabilizes energy and aids in post workout recovery.
  • Relax Capsules: Naturally reduces stress and anxiety, enhance immune function, ease fatigue and improves sleep quality. 


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