INtroducing Vanessa Megan

It's with great pleasure that I get to welcome Vanessa Megan into the Intentionally Natural inner circle. A personal favorite skincare brand of mine as it has...
Portrait of vanessa Grey Lyndon founder & formulator of hte Vanessa Megan & Metamorphosis skin care range

It's with great pleasure that I get to welcome Vanessa Megan into the Intentionally Natural inner circle. A personal favorite skincare brand of mine as it has had a profoundly positive impact on my skin.

I first came across the Vanessa Megan brand when I was pregnant many years ago with my daughter. It was the first truly natural skincare that aligned to all my needs & requiems of being 100% natural, effective, toxic free & safe.

This is a really special moment for me because when I first came across the Vanessa Megan brand. I thought this brand needed to be a household name here in NZ. I'm so proud to become one of very few official NZ based stockiest & that I get to share this amazing all-natural skincare range with you.


The brand

Established in 2009 & inspired by a comment her best friend made that "you should never put anything on your skin you wouldn't eat'. Vanessa Grey Lyndon the founder & formulator of the Vanessa Megan brand was Inspired by this simple concept which led to her extensive research into biochemistry that intern led to her discovery of the multitude of synthetic ingredients found in the everyday products used to care for & nourish our skin. Studying the power of nature & drawing on her experience & knowledge from her background in biochemistry & herbalism, Vanessa formulates with wild harvested & bio-available ingredients which are at the heart of what sets Vanessa Megan apart & makes this a truly special naturally driven skincare range. 

Vanessa Megan is now Australia's leading organic skincare brand with an extensive range of highly effective dermatologically tested & approved skincare. The Naturaceutical skincare range has been formulated to produce clinical results for both high-end spas & at-home -use. This streamlined skin specialist range has been perfected to benefit all skin types & skin concerns. By returning skin to its true foundation & creating dermal harmony while remaining generally good enough to eat yet another reason that Vanessa Megan has grown to be a multi-award-winning skincare range & leader in the natural skincare industry.

Recently the brand has developed Australia's very first target menopausal skincare range metamorphosis. Developed to care for & nurture skin throughout the transitional stages from peri-post menopausal skin. This range of targeted solution-based skincare products has been formulated with natural ingredients which are known to help support deep moisture cohesion & the skins natural environmental barriers. Formulated with potent antioxidants, natural retinoids & peptides so you notice the difference from the first use. 


Created with organic & natural ingredients

By formulating exclusively with organic & natural skincare ingredients that are found in or derived from nature. Vanessa Megan is created with the utmost care when it comes to selecting & sourcing ingredients in a responsible manner that honors the land, while also ensuing the protection of both the plants & environment in which they thrive.

By sourcing & formulating with exclusively natural ingredients & avoiding the more toxic skincare ingredients that are abundant on the mainstream skincare & beauty market. These formulations gently nourish your skin back to a state of harmony to deliver effective results without any of the side effects caused by exposure to synthetic & toxic chemicals.

Formulating with only the finest organic & natural ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Bakuchiol, Algae extract, Bearberry, Aleo Vera, Argan oil, Banksia, Coconut Membrane, Desert lime, Gota Kola, Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper & many more beautiful ingredients that are full of bioavailable & skin changing actives, powerful vitamins, antioxidants, gentle emollients & moisturizers that all come directly from nature. 


Free of nasties

Vanessa Megan Skincare contains none of the nine most common toxic skincare ingredients. These synthetic & cheaply derived ingredients such as preservatives, foaming agents emollients are known to cause massive disruption to the skin & your overall health, all Vanessa Megan & Metamorphosis products have been formulated without:

  • Mineral Oils – a petroleum by-product that suffocates skin.
  • Alcohol – dries out your skin and aggravates skin conditions like pigmentation.
  • Phthalates – are linked to endocrine disruption.
  • PEGs – contain dioxins that have been linked with severe health disorders.
  • SLS-SLES – can cause inflammation and irritation.
  • Parabens – preservatives that have been linked to hormone problems. 
  • Coal Tar Dyes – a recognized carcinogen.
  • Silicone – actually slows down cell renewal.
  • Formaldehyde – can aggravate and cause dermatitis and is a recognized carcinogen.

 Vanessa has also taken time to go into detail on this topic in her Nasty Nine series.

Naturally safe for all

Considering all aspect of what is means to be a natural skincare brand Vanessa Megan isn't just brand that consciously creates skincare that's safe for you but also pays careful attention to how it impacts & interacts in an environmentally friendly way. By creating skincare that is 100% cruelty free & choosing to formulate with ingredients that don't detrimentally impact the environment as synthetic ingredients do.

Natural products are kinder on both the environment & skin especially for those of us dealing with problematic skin conditions such as eczema, acne & rosacea. Another benefit of using natural ingredients is that there is no need to mask the scent of a formulation which is often needed when skincare is produced with syntenic or toxic ingredients. As these products are naturally scented from the natural botanical ingredients used to create them. Imparting the benefits on us not only topically but also emotionally, such as Rose Damascena oil which is known to help smooth skin conditions topically & help ease anxiety & stress by reducing cortisol levels for just one example.

The value of taking a natural approach to how you care for & nourish the skin not only positively impacts you it also contributes in a positive way to the environment in which we all live. Vanesa Megan makes choosing natural simple they are constantly researching & developing with potent natural ingredients to create the most effective skincare to solve all skin concerns naturally.

As Vanessa has always said, “You should never put anything on your skin you couldn’t eat.”

Experience skincare that's truly good enough to eat, shop the Vanessa Megan & Metamorphosis to care for yourself in the most beautifully natural way.



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