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Founded from a desire to create that which I could not find in the beauty & wellness industry here in New Zealand. Intentionally Natural is your sanctuary...
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Founded from a desire to create that which I could not find in the beauty & wellness industry here in New Zealand. Intentionally Natural is your sanctuary of natural, home to the best in 100% organic & natural skincare, beauty & wellness. Established so you can shop with ease knowing that what you are getting is in fact truly 100% natural, safe & effective.

To be able to bring this concept to fruition is something I'm truly proud to have achieved. I feel both honored & grateful to take this vision from a concept & turn it into a reality. Intentionally Natural has been founded upon the belief that no matter the reason you are choosing to take a more natural approach to how you care for yourself & loved ones via the personal care & wellness products you choose to incorporate into your daily life to support your health & wellness. You shouldn't have to weave your way through the vast mainstream & clean wellness & beauty markets to find truly natural, safe & effective skincare, beauty & wellness products. Truly natural brands & products deserve to be set apart from the rest & it's an honor to be able to be the one to create this space for these brands to shine & for every New Zealander to easily asceses them.

Gaining a more natural perspective

The desire to live a life that was naturally more supportive of my health & wellness was inspired by wanting to choose & live in a more naturally supportive way when I became a mum. Here I had this beautiful baby girl born with this clear slate & uncompromised health which made me think as I found myself in a place where my health needed addressing so I could be the best healthiest me for my new family. I noticed that there was a common thread that linked how I felt & how my body reacted via what it was exposed to on a daily basis due to what I topically applied to my skin & what it was exposed to internally. Which made me think...

"How much of the issues we face throughout life are obtained or exacerbated as we grow, what do we pick up along the way via what toxins our skin & bodies are exposed to & absorb? That leaves our delicate natural balance out of its natural state of alignment & could many of these things be rectified by adopting a more natural approach to how we care for ourselves & our loved ones?"

So began my journey of swapping out & eliminating manmade chemicals-filled products from my life & daily routine & instead opting to take a more natural approach to beauty & wellness which has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. However, this process has not gone without experiencing frustration & bumps along the way. I sought to make more natural choices when it came to the skin care, beauty & wellness products I chose to use for myself & my family. Often, I would find myself dismayed that many products sold as natural & organic aren't completely so. I was shocked to learn that when it comes to natural it's not a matter of a product being natural, so is sold as such. The truth is that when it comes to the use of the term natural & organic there is little to no regulation of this use in the personal care & wellness market both here in New Zealand & in many other countries around the world. 

How harmful ingredients inspired me

The fact is there is wiggle room within both skincare, beauty & wellness formulations where synthetic, allergens & harmful ingredients often end up unbeknown to most. You see for a formulation to be labeled/certified as 'natural' or 'organic,' it must be 95% formulated from natural or organic materials. This leaves the 5% wiggle room that many brands use to their advantage to carry a natural or organic label yet also contain ingredients that are synthetic, known allergens & harmful toxins. This wiggle room is more often than not where you will find fillers or bulking ingredients being used that also don't necessarily impact the product's bioavailability or enhance the performance of the product. Usually, this is a way of keeping down the production cost at the expense of the user. The other thing I found was that even though some ingredients are accepted in the natural formulation realm as being safe some of these that are widely used to preserve water-based products are known to be harmful to the skin & cause irritation such as dermatitis & exacerbate symptoms such as eczema. Such as the widely used & accepted preservatives Phenoxyethanol Naticide stated on INCI labels as Fragrance (Parfum).

 As I researched & came to findings such as this, I felt really disheartened that although there is only a small percent of us side effects from ingredients such as these have a detrimental impact on causing such things & aggravating dermatitis flare-ups & eczema symptoms. It also had me questioning how the build-up of these ingredients over time due to daily exposure creates a problem that could easily be avoided. As a parent, I wanted to completely avoid exposing my family to any ingredients that accumulate in our systems until the point they cause issues later in life.

The disheartened state I initially felt due to my findings became my inspiration to create change. This led me on a journey to gain an in-depth understanding & the knowledge I needed so I could confidently & authentically navigate the market & create ease for others to easily find truly natural, safe & effective items without the worry of any hidden & harmful nasties wreaking havoc unawares to the person using it.


Becoming a formulator

With this desire to create change, I needed to gain a full understanding of the industry. I became a certified organic skin care formulator which also led to my further exploration into advanced organic cosmetic science. It's in this field that my passion truly lies as I love to learn & work with natural ingredients & formulate with plant compounds that deliver far superior & safer results than any synthetic substances. By harnessing the power of natural botanical ingredients that work synergistically to impact the skin in a positive way & using these active ingredients in percentages that are both effective & safe without incorporating filler ingredients to lower costs. It amazes me how many amazing formulators & brands alike are out there doing & producing products that outshine anything on the mainstream market yet don't have the platform to be seen front & center for all to experience.

Formulating is a purpose-led passion of mine as I have always been happiest creating whether it be creating nutritious and dense skin care formulations or nutrient-dense meals alike to nurture both how we look & feel. I felt I could make a profoundly positive impact by using my knowledge to establish Intentionally Natural & build a sanctuary where only the best natural products are represented so others who experience dismay at wanting to choose completely natural, effective & safe products can do so without having to worry just how natural a product is.


Our purpose 

Intentionally Natural has been established to serve as a sanctuary where those who seek to incorporate truly natural, safe & effective skin, beauty & wellness products can do so & find only products that align with their reasons, needs & values without any hidden harmful ingredients & nasties that impact your health in a detrimental way. We seek to go beyond the mainstream market & clean beauty movement to create a space that is exclusively natural.


Our natural only promise 

Our promise is to bring you a carefully curated selection of brands & products that are completely aligned with our core values of being produced with transparent, ethical & produced with sustainable production & manufacturing practices & that are 100% natural safe & effective for you, your loved ones & our environment. So that you have peace of mind that what you getting is a truly natural product that has been ethnically produced with no hidden nasties or harmful ingredients.


You will only find at Intentionally Natural

  • Products formulated from 100% organic, natural or naturally derived ingredients are represented & sold in our store.
  • Products containing strictly 0% synthetic ingredients.
  • 100% naturally formulated skincare, beauty & wellness products using only the finest organic, natural & naturally derived ingredients & formulation practices to ensure what you are using is completely safe & effective. 


It's all for you

I can say with so much gratitude in my heart that I'm so elated to be beginning this part of what I feel is a purpose-led journey with you. I hope what we set out to do & build will have a profoundly positive impact on you. To be able to bring the best in natural skin, beauty & wellness together in one place so you can access them with simplicity & ease & give you the peace of mind that what you get when you shop with Intentionally Natural is nothing but the finest in 100% natural, safe & effective skin, beauty & wellness products. Our purpose is to create a place exclusively to support your natural well-being.


Naturally Yours


Founder Intentionally Natural







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